Monday, 14 September 2009

Leeds West Indian Centre Womens Group

Leeds West Indian Centre Womens Group - Sunday 13th September 2009 Leeds West Indian Centre 2-4pm

The September gathering of the 40 members of the Leeds West Indian Centre Womens Group was a well-planned and executed affair. Starting promptly the members had already signed in, read the minutes, sorted out their membership fees, submitted their paperwork from the family fun day long before starting time. Although the agenda had a long list of 22 items of business such as the welcome, prayers and apologies the discussion was deep and minuted accounts of the various activities and events the members had participated in since their last meeting. Gardening to Eat, Trip to Llandudno, Sewing, Computer, Salsa, Fashion Show, Drama and the other groups gave updated reviews of their work. Fundraising is an active part of the group's work as they are predominately self-financing with a small grant from a local charity was used to supplement the family fun day in August. The paper-based calendar of events showing the general meetings and the committee members meetings was also circulated. Additional information about fundraising, carnival, outings, black history, women anniversary, remembrance sunday and independence service were also given in the form of correspondence from external agencies which the womens group supports.

The group is not computer literate and its progression can be highly supported by the use of digital information technology. Computer classes have been arranged for 12 women to attend, the group has recently with a grant purchased five laptops and is very keen on developing the womens presence online. An email address, with supporting website, and other social networking tools should provide space for the group members to share and exchange information and ideas.

The Womens Group has been establised for 19 years developing services for their women members and with a wealth of positive experiences about how to deliver successful services to African British Women.

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